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ACSLogo is a Logo Interpreter for Mac OS X.

Logo is a popular language used to teach simple programming by guiding the progress of a ‘turtle’ which moves around a graphics screen:

The turtle in action

A new version is available (May 2011) — 1.5.1. It contains some enhancements and bug fixes - for a list of changes, see Release Notes.

There’s a new user guide and Command Reference for this release. You can download them from ‘Other Stuff’ on the right.

Simple commands can be used to make the turtle move in a straight line or change direction, and complex patterns can be built up from the simple commands using procedures and recursive techniques:

Graphics can be exported as TIFFs, JPGs, PNGs, PDFs or SVGs.

ACSLogo requires MAC OS X. The current version, version 1.5.1, requires Leopard (OS X 10.5) or above.




The download is a self-extracting archive (2M).

Please note that this release requires Leopard (OS X 10.5) or later.

Right-click on the link and save it to disk:


This should automatically be mounted as a disk image. If not, double-click on it. Drag the enclosed folder to your Applications folder, or anywhere you like.

Read ReadMe.rtf

Any problems, please send an e-mail to

Other Stuff

Command Reference (PDF, 770K). This looks better in Preview than Acrobat Reader.

User Guide (PDF, 7.2M). This has some new stuff for version 1.5.1.

Previous version of ACSLogo (1.5).

Earlier version (1.4f). Works with Tiger (10.4).

Earlier Version (1.4b) - works with Panther.


Release notes

Logo Books

Logo Links

Example graphics:

Bitmap graphics

SVG graphics